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Water Rations In The US By 2013?

March 26, 2009

Think water is an infinite resource? Well, it’s not. Wouldn’t it be crazy to see states pushing their boundaries and calling for water rations/reductions? Look around you. It’s already happening.

In the midst of drought, Georgia tried last year to expand their boundaries so they could claim part of the Tennessee River to help replenish their declining water supply. [NYtimes]

Just this month, Gov. Schwarzenegger called for Californians to reduce their water usage by 20% to help quell the drought. [cbs8]

Several other states are also dealing with water shortage issues. This is due in part to our misinformed notions about water and irresponsible use of such a vital gift. [NPR]

The Environmental Protectioin Agency warns: “…since usable water is a limited resource, 36 states could be facing water shortage problems by 2013.” [epa]

36. That’s over half the nation struggling for water.

Maybe we should think twice about watering that garden!

So, what you can do about this? Check your house for leaks, avoid flushing the toilet unnecessarily, (don’t be gross, but there’s no reason to flush things that could be thrown in the garbage), and remember what Barney always said: Never let the water run!

… also, check out these links on water efficiency:



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