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A Sadistic Salvador Dali in Alessandro Bavari

March 27, 2009

Bavari is what happens when Sodom and Gomorrah mixes with a surrealist modern Europe. He is a classically-trained painter who habitually photographs images from museums and on the street in Europe, intertwining them with concepts straight from ancient Biblical stories into grotesque, beautiful, and absurd computer-generated art.

A glimpse into Alessandro Bavari’s gallery conjures esoterically detailed Dali-esque nightmares tainted with Biblical perversities cited, (on his website), from specific verses.

His dismally manipulated photographs are influenced by the darker Biblical stories, architechture, Michelangelo, and his guitar, (which he plays in the classical style). He twists the style of Salvador Dali into his own creation in the “Tryptichon: Deconstruction of a Hero and Reconstruction of the Man” series, as well as images from Sodom & Gomorrah like “FOUR GREEN LIZARDS GOING TO SUCK MILK FROM A YOUNG MOTHER“.

Headcleaner“, a scary short film set to industrial music “conceived and realized” by Alessandro Bavari, reminds one of a Tool or Nine Inch Nails video coupled with Dali’s surrealism.

A disembodied brain attatched to a spine becomes a heart and then an eeirie pitch-dark creature riding upon a mutant baby doll with razor-like arms digging into the earth. Amidst shrieks and a strange baby’s cry, another hideous creature rises from the ground to scream in your face. Cut to a man panting and sweating, sitting up in bed with some frightening figure behind him drawing circles in the top of his head with an instrument, a feverishly-pitched noise in the background.

Those who have actually met Bavari, such as Paul Murnaghan, a guest on a radio program transcribed on Bavari’s website, will tell you he is not as mad as one would think. The quiet type, actually. His models are freakish – almost frightening – even in real life, and he extends his Biblical influence as far as the size of his photographs. Twelve is a Biblical number, he prefers using 18 x 12″.

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from "Headcleaner" video



As Idlers Sink into the Bitumen Two Infants Stir Their Skins

As Idlers Sink into the Bitumen Two Infants Stir Their Skins

"New Progenies: Portrait of a Girl Who Looks at Oneself in a Mirror"

"New Progenies: Portrait of a Girl Who Looks at Oneself in a Mirror"

"Three Voyuers"

"Three Voyuers"

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  1. March 27, 2009 5:01 am

    Oi Gnossos its MindControl from current! Its cool to see you on wordpress. I have a couple o blogs on here too.

    This post is interesting and very Nine Inch Nails for sure, I should download the images and super impose Trent Reznor hiding behind a head or something.

    Anyways cool to see you on here. Feel free to swing by my blogiddy blogs and holla, holla, holla.


  2. September 6, 2011 1:20 am

    Excellent piece. I really enjoyed it. I am of 2 opinions about Mr. Bavari’s work. Something about it is haunting, even frightening. Another part is pretentious and inflated.

  3. February 8, 2012 2:19 am

    It’s amazing to visit this web page and reading the views of all mates concerning this post, while I am also keen of getting know-how.

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