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Twiggy – The Original Model: a Modtastic Makeup HowTo

April 6, 2009

Legendary mod model Lesley Hornby, (better known as TWIGGY Lawson), has gigantic, green, painted eyes that defined a decade. At 16 in the mid 60’s, she was the first internationally-known supermodel.

Signaturely thin to the extreme – almost androgynous – with a boyish frame and hairstyle, her pretty, pouty lips and irresistibly cute expressions dominated fashion magazines of the 60’s. Twiggy’s beautifully spiderish eyes and simple, mod style greatly influenced fashion in Britain and America at the time and continues to do so. Even today, she is still the face of the 60’s in the U.K.

Twiggy’s mod wardrobe consisted of mini- and micro-mini skirts and dresses with simple and bold patterns, shapes, and colors. This style is attributed to Mary Quant, a British fashion designer credited with the invention of the mini-skirt. Quant is also known for bright, bold shades on eyes, lips, and nails –  a style sometimes referred to as “Paint Box” makeup.

As an ode to the infamous eyes of Twiggy, I’ve put together a how-to on how to create the striking look. This eye makeup is great if you want to stand out at a party, maybe not so great for work, as I unfortunately discovered.

[>>CLICK FOR Squidoo Lens<< (more pics, easier to read)]

1. PREP & POWDER – Wash face and apply concealer, powder,  and a light peach blush if desired. Lightly brush a bit of powder underneath your eyes. This will help keep stray eyeshadow from messing up your look, as it will be easier to brush it away, (oh-so-gentley), with a makeup brush. You may also want to refine and thin out the shape of your eyebrows first.

2.  SHADOW – Though Twiggy did not always do this, a pearly white or light shade of eyeshadow can be brushed over eyelid to minimize darkness. Applying a bit of pearly shadow or eyeliner in the corners and underneath the eyes is also optional but recommended to enhance and enlarge the eyes.

3. CREASE – With a small eyeliner or angled shadow brush, line just a smidge above the natural crease of your eyes with a dark brown, grey, or black shadow.
Loose powder works best, a pencil may even be used very lightly if accuracy is an issue, just be sure to smudge it so it’s not just a solid line.

4. LINER – Now it gets tricky. You may want to have a damp Q-Tip at hand in case you mess up so errors can quickly be erased because it’s harder to take off dry liquid liner.

As for the type of liquid liner, I recommend Physicians’ Formula. The cheaper brands don’t line evenly, streak, and are generally not worth it.

5. LIDS – Start at the outer edge of your eyelid as close to your lash line as you can. Make the line gradually thin out as you get to the corner of your eye. If you can’t handle it, you don’t have to line all the way to the corner, just get a little past your iris at least. Twiggy’s lid liner extends past the corner and outer edge, forming “wings” on both sides that end and meet the eyeshadow crease line.

6. LASHES – This for me is the most irritating step. If you absolutely can’t stand them, get a really good lengthening mascara and brush on coat after coat, blinking on a tissue or your finger between coats to avoid clumping. Better yet, get Imju Fiberwig mascara for the illusion of false lashes.

The false lashes should be very long, thick, and exaggerated as possible. I like the Halloween ones, but get whatever you’re comfortable wearing. To apply, very carefully peel both lash sets off plastic. Very gently squeeze a thin line of glue along the edge. Be sure to apply the lashes to the right eye, (the longer side goes to the outer edge, smaller to the corner).

It may help to use tweezers to hold the lashes or to press them onto your eyes as the glue will make your fingers stick and pull them off. This can get very frustrating, but once again, take your time. Press them on as close as possible to your natural lash line, it’ll look silly otherwise. You may have to reapply liner if the glue takes some off or smudges it.

7. LOWER LASHES – To further exaggerate and dramatize her eyes, Twiggy paints on her lower lashes. If you’d rather tone it down, you can use false lashes or multiple coats of mascara instead, but to create the authentic look you need to paint them on with liquid liner. This is very difficult, but it can be done with a lot of practice and patience. Don’t get discouraged if you mess up the first time, just keep trying – you’ll get it eventually!

Starting at the outer edge and working toward the corner, evenly space about 8 small dots as close as possible to your eye. These are the starting points for your lash lines. The first should be right underneath the “wing” at the outer edge, following the same shape, curving slightly up toward your ear. Each line is thicker at the top near your eye and tapers to a very fine point. You will need a really good, preferably new liner brush for laser accuracy.

8. MASCARA – Brush on a light coat of mascara to blend natural lashes in with the false ones if desired.

9. FINISHING TOUCHES – You’re done! Now clean up any stray liner or shadow and apply a pearlescent, pale pink shade to your lips. If lipstick is used, gloss over it for those pale, shiny, retro lips. Mod-tastic!


World’s Weirdest Guitars

April 4, 2009

Pick up a laser and try your tiny hand at a guitar so small the sound can’t even be heard. Would you be seen playing a toilet seat? Think you could master a guitar with 42 strings and a multitude of necks sticking out at odd angles? I’d totally play some of these if I had a couple thousand dollars to throw around. How ’bout you?

((click for full images))

Truly Insane

Truly Insane

Words cant describe this abomination.

Words can't describe this abomination.

The 42-string Pikasso.

The 42-string Pikasso.

the Naked Lady

the Naked Lady

Nintendo guitar 3!

Nintendo guitar <3!

The Nano is so small it cant even be played with a laser pick. The sound cant be heard. WTF?!

The Nano is so small it can only be played with a laser pick. The sound can't be heard. WTF?!

For more ridiclousness, visit the source pages:

A Sadistic Salvador Dali in Alessandro Bavari

March 27, 2009

Bavari is what happens when Sodom and Gomorrah mixes with a surrealist modern Europe. He is a classically-trained painter who habitually photographs images from museums and on the street in Europe, intertwining them with concepts straight from ancient Biblical stories into grotesque, beautiful, and absurd computer-generated art.

A glimpse into Alessandro Bavari’s gallery conjures esoterically detailed Dali-esque nightmares tainted with Biblical perversities cited, (on his website), from specific verses.

His dismally manipulated photographs are influenced by the darker Biblical stories, architechture, Michelangelo, and his guitar, (which he plays in the classical style). He twists the style of Salvador Dali into his own creation in the “Tryptichon: Deconstruction of a Hero and Reconstruction of the Man” series, as well as images from Sodom & Gomorrah like “FOUR GREEN LIZARDS GOING TO SUCK MILK FROM A YOUNG MOTHER“.

Headcleaner“, a scary short film set to industrial music “conceived and realized” by Alessandro Bavari, reminds one of a Tool or Nine Inch Nails video coupled with Dali’s surrealism.

A disembodied brain attatched to a spine becomes a heart and then an eeirie pitch-dark creature riding upon a mutant baby doll with razor-like arms digging into the earth. Amidst shrieks and a strange baby’s cry, another hideous creature rises from the ground to scream in your face. Cut to a man panting and sweating, sitting up in bed with some frightening figure behind him drawing circles in the top of his head with an instrument, a feverishly-pitched noise in the background.

Those who have actually met Bavari, such as Paul Murnaghan, a guest on a radio program transcribed on Bavari’s website, will tell you he is not as mad as one would think. The quiet type, actually. His models are freakish – almost frightening – even in real life, and he extends his Biblical influence as far as the size of his photographs. Twelve is a Biblical number, he prefers using 18 x 12″.

((click for full images))


from "Headcleaner" video



As Idlers Sink into the Bitumen Two Infants Stir Their Skins

As Idlers Sink into the Bitumen Two Infants Stir Their Skins

"New Progenies: Portrait of a Girl Who Looks at Oneself in a Mirror"

"New Progenies: Portrait of a Girl Who Looks at Oneself in a Mirror"

"Three Voyuers"

"Three Voyuers"

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Water Rations In The US By 2013?

March 26, 2009

Think water is an infinite resource? Well, it’s not. Wouldn’t it be crazy to see states pushing their boundaries and calling for water rations/reductions? Look around you. It’s already happening.

In the midst of drought, Georgia tried last year to expand their boundaries so they could claim part of the Tennessee River to help replenish their declining water supply. [NYtimes]

Just this month, Gov. Schwarzenegger called for Californians to reduce their water usage by 20% to help quell the drought. [cbs8]

Several other states are also dealing with water shortage issues. This is due in part to our misinformed notions about water and irresponsible use of such a vital gift. [NPR]

The Environmental Protectioin Agency warns: “…since usable water is a limited resource, 36 states could be facing water shortage problems by 2013.” [epa]

36. That’s over half the nation struggling for water.

Maybe we should think twice about watering that garden!

So, what you can do about this? Check your house for leaks, avoid flushing the toilet unnecessarily, (don’t be gross, but there’s no reason to flush things that could be thrown in the garbage), and remember what Barney always said: Never let the water run!

… also, check out these links on water efficiency:



Does society really need Twitter?

March 25, 2009

twitterEverywhere I look it’s “Twitter” this and “Tweet” that. Has the whole world gone mad?! Why the hell would I want a constant update, (sent to my phone, no less!), on what my neighbor is eating or what TV show my best friend is watching?

I want to know why someone thought anyone would ever need something so inane. What makes them think we need a constant stream of completely irrelevant updates on what our friends are doing sent to our phones? We have always had MySpace and Facebook pages to post every uninteresting moment of our boring lives and know much more than we would ever want to know about our friends. Well apparently some of us – who seem to have forgotten the original purpose of a telephone – do feel the need for such a website.


I tried to ignore it, but everywhere I turned I was hearing or reading about Twitter. Now even my favorite art website,, has a Tweet feed. I thought maybe I finally had a reason to sign up, but when I checked it out it was ridiculous. Just stupid updates from random people talking about shopping and lightbulbs rather than article excerpts.

Conversely, I have noted the uses Twitter does have. I work at a coffee shop that posts the daily coffees/specials on Twitter for customers. Shockingly, even the Dalai Lama utilizes this gross misuse of modern technology. One would hope people would be curious or intelligent enough to want to read more than just one short sentence from him rather than merely glance at bite-size words of wisdom, but I can see how it would be useful for someone with no time to actually read.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: this is one trend I refuse to take part in. Not trying to sound all high and mighty to those of you who like Twitter or actually do use it for something meaningful. I do realize there is a percentage of intelligent people using the site who don’t let you know how often they breathe. Unfortunately, it’s a small percentage, microscopic, even.

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Penny Arcades Take on Twitter

Penny Arcade's Take on Twitter

[EDIT: Thanks everyone for all your responses (on I appreciate different opinions and found it very insightful to hear everyone’s take on the social phenomenon. After reading through all the comments, I have a different opinion of Twitter. It seems there are INTELLIGENT Tweeters out there, after all. And shame on all the dumbasses that give those people a bad name.

Since writing this article I have been forced to realize that when it comes to marketing your blog or business online, Twitter is a force to be reckoned with. I myself have joined, begrudgingly, as an Anti-Twit.]

Guilherme Marconi – Wonderfully confusing vector art.

March 24, 2009

Brazilian artist Guilherme Marconi creates brightly coloful, “schizophrenic” vector art both the bubbly and melancholy can appreciate. Commercially, he has done work for Absolut vodka, among many others. In his portfolio you will find neon-colored skeletons checking their makeup in pretty compacts, disjointed, mannequin-like girls, faceless mouths, glasses, and tears, and tiny stitches a-plenty. The colors are true blues and bright yellows, pretty pastel pinks and greens; the images are generally not quite as cheerful. Marconi masterfully contrasts color themes and content to produce these intriguing images.

((Click for full images))

Three of my Thirty Vices - G. Marconi

Three of my Thirty Vices - G. Marconi

Breath - Guilherme Marconi

Breath - Guilherme Marconi

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Absinthe makes a modern comeback in the Fairy Bomb.

March 23, 2009

fairy-bombThat’s right: the prayers of every pretentious, artsy, clove-smoking art student and club kid have been answered. Containing 8% alcohol, guarana, and thujone – the “psychoactive” ingredient in absinthe some misinformed consumers believe makes you hallucinate – Fairy Bombs seem an almost irresponsible drink, similar to Sparks only with added unhealthiness. Hi IQ Liquor, (ironic name, eh?), says: “Drinking Green Fairy and energy drink has become popularly known as ‘The Fairy Bomb’ in bars and clubs, so it seems only right that we make it available ready for you to drink in a can.”

Yes, yes, it’s “only right”.

I searched online and couldn’t find anywhere to buy it. (Yeah, I wanna try it). The company site leads to some wholesale distributor. Judging by the fact that it merely says “contains thujone”, on every product description I came across, I’d say it’s probably low enough levels it wouldn’t be past the legal 10mg in the States.

Absinth Energy Drinks: coming to a store near you?

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